Webinar "Trading With The Body In Mind - The Physiology of Trading Decision Making and Performance"


At the core of successful trading is a strategy that stacks the odds of success in the trader's favor in the long run. But that's just one part of what is required for success. The second part is having the ability to consistently execute the strategy to maximize market returns. This isn't as easy as it might appear. In an environment that requires risk-taking under conditions of uncertainty, where consequences are high, where there's a strong result focus and where time frames can be short and information incomplete, both psychological and physiological factors can negatively interfere with a trader's decision-making process.

In this webinar, Steve will talk about his extensive work with traders, specifically about the role a trader's physiology plays in their decision-making process. He will discuss his use of Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment for client coaching, training, and research, and the strategies he encourages to maximize trading performance.

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