Webinar "Resilience: Sustaining Excellent Performance Under Pressure"

Mr Maxted Neal

Maxted is the HRV lead for Neal Training, an organisation that has for 20 years operated and managed health clubs and training facilities, as well as advising businesses on how to perform under pressure and improve the resilience and wellbeing of employees. Maxted has delivered on resilience and performance programmes for multinational corporations in the UK, USA and the Middle East, governmental organisations and elite sports. He also works with Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School, incorporating HRV into their executive education and qualification programmes.

Event agenda

Resilience has long been conceptualised as an innate ability to bounce back from hardship, however this conception ignores the role of resilience in performing consistently and excellently under pressure. The idea of resilience as an ability implies that resilience is something an individual either innately does or does not have, rather than a skill that can be trained and improved. In this webinar, Maxted will explore the importance of the three P's: perception, perspective and purpose, and provide a practical toolkit to improve resilience and ultimate facilitate excellent performance under pressure.

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